Annual Review of Virology: As founding production editor for the Annual Review of Virology, I helped bring the journal into being and to define its style and voice. I stayed with the publication for its first five volumes, copyediting nearly all its articles and shepherding them from invitation through to print. By collaborating closely with a diverse crew of distinguished authors and editorial committee members, I helped to create a home within Annual Reviews for publishing incisive critical reviews about cutting-edge virology research. ARV made a noteworthy debut in the Clarivate Analytics Impact Factor rankings; despite being a newish journal, it's currently ranked #2 in its subject category. 

Reppert Lab Website: In 2010, I undertook a total overhaul of the laboratory website for Dr. Steven Reppert at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Our goal was to transform a straightforward, static departmental web page into a rich resource on the circadian biology of monarch migration, including multimedia, explainers, and links. We strove to make the site accessible to laypeople yet valuable to academics. It has been several years since I've had an active hand in updating the site, but the original DNA remains.



Essential Is Not Irreplaceable: Fitness Dynamics of Experimental E. coli RNase P RNA Heterologous Replacement (Jasmine L. Loveland, Jocelyn Rice, Paula C.G. Turrini, Michelle Lizotte-Waniewski, and Robert L. Dorit, Journal of Molecular Evolution 79: 143–52, 2014)



I worked as a freelance science journalist for five years, contributing to a range of national and international publications, both in print and online, for a variety of readerships. Below is a representative sampling of articles from that era.

Metastasis: The Rude Awakening: If detected early, most cases of breast cancer seem to be curable. But the tumour’s deadly offspring could be sleeping in the body (Nature 485: S55–57, 2012)

Storm Chasing, a Chess Match With Nature: Two fans of extreme weather head for Tornado Alley to look for twisters—but stay the heck out of their way (Discover Magazine, July–August 2011 issue)

Synthetic Genome Reboots Cell: A genome built from scratch is a step toward synthesizing novel organisms (Technology Review, May 20, 2010)

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Viruses: The one with its own satellite, the ones that made you, and the Mama of them all (Discover Magazine, April 2010 issue)

You're More Like a Sponge Than a Comb JellyA gelatinous zooplankton can now trace its roots back to the world's first life (Discover Magazine, January 2009 issue)

Rewiring the Brain: Rerouting electrical signals around damaged nerves may one day help treat paralysis (Technology Review, October 15, 2008)

The Wonderful World of E. coli: Carl Zimmer looks inside the dangers—and wonders—of one remarkable bacterium (Discover Magazine, May 2008 issue)

It's Not Easy Being Seen: No need to dissect this see-through frog to learn how it works (Discover Magazine, February 2008 issue)

The Fine Structure of a Frozen Virus: Sophisticated imaging reveals new details in a virus's protein coat (Technology Review, March 19, 2008)